Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Disney Pixar's UP!

Minutes after watching my most awaited movie of the year and there I was, smiling my way out of the Mall of Asia Cinema 3.. The movie was released a little late here in the Philippines, but watching it in 3D animation made all the waiting worth it.

After Pixar studio conquered the sea, with Finding Nemo, and discovered the outer space with Wall-E, this is yet another movie that will take you up, Up in the sky.

The movie’s plot is quite simple, it’s about a 78 year old man, Carl Fredricksen, who launched his house on its way to South America (*it’s like Ameerrriiicccaaaa, only in the south…) by tying thousands of balloon on his house.

The adventure of course won’t be such as fun without his unlikely companion, Russell, an 8 year old, wilderness explorer looking for “helping the elderly” badge.. (hi! My name is russell, and I am a wilderness explorer.. I can help you cross the street, I can help you cross the yard.. I can help you cross your porch..)

Another unforgettable character in this story is of course, Mr. Fredricksen’s late wife, Ellie. I can’t even count the number of times I said, “ang swwwweeeettt…” during this movie. In its simplest way it presented the love story we all dream of, just the thought of someone we can dream and work with, someone to have coffee with everyday for the rest of our lives and just someone who would make this adventure called life worth it.

Yes, it’s nostalgic, it’s touching and sincerely heart warming. But more than that, it is equally funny, and hilarious it will also bring you to tears after a good laugh.

With a very bright dog, Dug, who can obey his master’s commands from, sit, shake, bark, and talk, the movie also brings out the meaning of loyalty. (I wonder what my dog Whiskey would also say if he would have that collar that can make him speak in different languages… :D) Like everyone else, Dug just wanted to be liked, and loved by the other dogs, but he falls a little short each time, nonetheless, no one, especially he, deserves the cone of shame..

And there comes Kevin, a very rare bird that loves chocolates! :) Russell gave her the name Kevin, only to realize later that she is a she. (her chicks look pretty cute you would like to keep it as a key chain.. lol!) But Mudz, the Spirit of Adventure pilot wants to catch her alive. Of course, her friend Russell won’t allow it. So the little boy made Carl promise to protect Kevin at all times.. (Promise? Cross your heart?)

With a straightforward, simple and sincere scenes the movie takes its viewers into an adventure of a life time. The animation, as it was of course created by Pixar, the pioneer in digital animation, was undoubtedly stunning and beautiful and clear and technically masterfully crafted.

The movie made me think about my goals, the things I want to put on the next pages of my adventure book. It made me look for the better days, but it also reminded me to treasure the little adventures I am having each day of my life. It made me wish for a lasting friendship with that special one, who would make every wrinkle and every white hair strand count. It made me feel good about getting old, and being young, and everything in between. The movie, is definitely, a must see…

For the young and old alike. For the dreamers. For the Dug, i mean, dog lovers. For the widows and widowers. For the couple. For friends. For the adventurers. There is absolutely no way, but Up!

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