Friday, March 25, 2011

Bibong Pinoy Clean Up Drive at Mt. Romelo, Famy Laguna

Different people from all walks of life, pursuing different careers, coming from different parts of the country, and living separate lives once again joined hands in making one small and yet significant activity to help alleviate awareness and promote the care for our mother nature. An activity that didn't only gave us an opportunity to climb yet another mountain, but also made us appreciate the beauty and greatness of our country.

It was a clean up drive with Bibong Pinoy, a yahoo group I joined when I was in second year college. It was originally BobOng Pinoy, a group inspired and started by the author Bob Ong, which served as a platform of opinions, nationalism, and social awareness. It's a Ten year old commitment of expressing our stand while doing little steps to achieve change.

People there share this one desire to make little steps that can make a difference. It’s a virtual group that not only shares perspectives and opinions, but also join hands in doing little but definitely significant things. This time it was a clean up drive in the highlands, where tourists, mountaineers, and even locals forget how to take care of our mother nature. It took us hours to fill some sacks of garbage, we even turn some stones in the river, or dig some buried bottles and plastics to serve our purpose.

In the end, it’s just few sacks, but it served as a mighty bond that held together 40 enthusiastic, optimistic and hopeful people from highschool and college students, to yuppies, to young family men and women. These people are some of those people who dared to say, “bulong lang kami noon, sigaw na kami bukas.”

(photo courtesy of Manong Denz Valdez of BibongPinoy)

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