Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011 Manila Auto Salon

“Don’t touch me. I’m not that kind of car.”

I really couldn’t help by raise my eyebrows and say “whoah!” after reading this sign on one of the cars displayed at the 2011 Manila Auto Salon last Sunday, November 27 at SMX Convention Center.  Surely, that yellow Lamborgini Gallardo is one of the show-stoppers in that tradeshow, but her evasiveness just added allure to her beauty. 

I was with my brother last Sunday at the Mall of Asia when we happened to see this on SMX. We were so excited that we immediately bought our ticket, and entered the world of beautiful, expensive, tough, and stylish cars. There were a lot of sexy girls too! That actually made me confuse if the guys who were present on that event were after the cars, or they’re just really after the gorgeous girls! Oh well, I guess guys just love them both!

The tradeshow dubbed as 2011 Manila Auto Salon with their theme “Mad about styling and Tuning” showcased 130 re-styled, modified, extremely tuned cars, trucks, and SUVs from different car customizers in the country. It was really like entering on a heaven filled with your favorite cars that you wouldn’t help but imagine yourself driving one of those, speeding your way in the city. 

 Car enthusiasts, collectors, manufacturers and dealers all gathered in this one magnificent event to let car owners, and even the ones who dream to have a car see the latest, grandest and smartest cars in the market today. Among the famous brands that were present was of course, Bumble Bee or the yellow Chevrolet Camaro, a white Cadillac which I dreamed to be my wedding car, the white and stunning Porsche that my brother dreamed to park on his driveway, and of course, the best sports car there is for me, the red Ferrari which reminded me of the famous Fita Commercial! Haha. :P

 It was really an awesome event, and that was coming from a girl who barely knows anything about car except that it cannot and shall not float on flooded streets of Manila! Lol! Nonetheless, I love the vintage cars that were on display that night, also the BIG Trucks, and the wonderfully, artistically designed cars! It was really eye popping that you can picture it on your mind even after the leaving the tradeshow. If you were one of the lucky guys who were able to have their pictures taken with the gorgeous girls riding your dream car, I know you enjoyed Manila Auto Salon all the more!

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