About Me

Hi everyone! I am Mary Antonette Borja Basbas, or simply tonet. My name "Antonette" came from the French name "Antoine" which means highly praise worthy or Beyond Praise. So everything here talks about my travels, the events I went to, and other interesting stuffs about my simplybeyondpraise life.

In May 2010, I graduated with a bachelor degree in Broadcast Communication in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Even when I was a student, I already have this passion for attending different kinds of events and blogging. I started blogging in Multiply in 2007, but decided to do a serious blogging just this year.

I was born as the youngest of thirteen children - eight boys, five girls. As “bunso” I’ve always been the joy of the party, I always tell stories to my family members about who’s who and what’s what and pride myself with getting everyone’s attention.

As the youngest, I was also allowed to enjoy the most of everything out of our meager life. My mom, when she was still alive, used to be amazed and at the same time abashed with my persistence. “Yan si tonet! Hindi papipigil yan!,” she would say. Yeah, maybe she knew better than to stop me from trying things. So with all her support in mind, I tried everything there is – mountain climbing, wall climbing, marathons, visited expos, watched concerts, traveled a lot, ate delicious foods and read a whole lots of books. In everything I do, I always try my best to write a little about each experience. I guess that’s all I can do as a way of telling my Mom in heaven everything I do here on earth without her.

I am open-minded and adventurous. I am hardworking and persistent. I am fun loving but focused. I am an artist in my own right.


  1. Yesterday was one of the best days in my life as I met you. I hope to have more fun with you in other events in the future. God bless!

  2. Thank you miss Cherlene! It was also a pleasure to meet you! And thank you very much for being so nice every time. :)


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