Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Writer's Block Philippines: Feature Writing 101!

♪♫I'm so excited! and I just can't hide it!..♪♫

Yeah! I was literally singing and dancing to that song when my brother finally made his payment to let me attend Writer's Block Philippines': Feature Writing 101 which will be held on September 17, in Powerbooks Greenbelt 4.

Writer's Block Philippines will hold the version 2.0 of their one day workshop that will teach the participants the basic on feature writing and how to get their works published. This will essentially help them to "pursue their passion and live to write about it...".

I've been blogging for almost four years but it's just recently that I decided to turn it into a career. I guess one way to really enjoy life is to do what you really love and get paid for it. But before I imagine myself living life on the fast lane, I should first equip myself with the basics and the right knowledge to really understand what I want to do and how to do it. Feature Writing 101 is definitely just right about it!

How a simple letter lead me here.

Months ago, when I was just beginning to figure out what I want to do about my life, I came across the website Our Awesome Planet and decided to subscribe via email. After receiving a couple of mails, I emailed Anton Diaz of OAP to thank him how he inspired me a lot without even knowing it. In his reply he asked me to check out Writer's Block Philippines' website which I gratefully did. That time WBP is just about to hold their How to Launch Your Freelance Writing Career Workshop which I unfortunately missed. So I really promised myself to attend the next workshop, so here we are!

I guess making your dreams come true is about the passion to achieve it, the skills to possess it, and being in the right place where you can pursue it. So I guess I just have to be in Greenbelt 4 on September 14, and take my first step towards my dreams through this workshop, Feature Writing 101! See you everyone!

before I end my blabbering, I really want to thank my Kuya San for the love and support and especially for letting me attend this workshop. This will be the most amazing pre-birthday gift you've given me. Your support will surely go a long way. I love you to the core, to the moon and back! :) -bunso

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Delivered Jeans: SM's Donate a Jeans Campaign!

We were eyeing this promo ever since we saw this in SM Bacoor. It's about surrendering your jeans and getting a 25% off the next jeans you'll purchase. Plus, the jeans you donate will benefit the less fortunate in Batangas City.

All you have to do is donate your jeans then you will be given a 25% off coupon for every jeans you surrender. The donation booth is only open every weekend until October 9 but you can use the coupon anytime until the said date. If you are going to purchase one pair of jeans, you can use as much as 3 coupons giving you a 75% discount. Isn't that just great?

Yesterday, we were able to bring my brother's old jeans and exchange it for six coupons. Remember that they only accept jeans, though. Other types of pants isn't qualified for the promo but accepted as donation too. Each person is only entitled to three coupons a day. So if you're going to donate 6 pants, better have someone with you so you can avail it, or bring three each day.

I really salute this effort made my SM Department Store through SM Men's Section. It allows its patrons to help the less fortunate by disposing their old jeans instead of hiding it inside their closet or cutting it off. A pair of jeans is known for its quality and comfort, so let's just imagine how these pairs will benefit our less fortunate fellows.

I really want to encourage everyone to join this cause. If you have a pair of old jeans, and itching to buy new ones, why not donate them to SM Supermall nearest you. You favorite brands No fear, Levi's, Hammerhead, RRJ and Freego, are just some of the participating brands. Come! and let's enjoy the discount! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World Food Expo 2011: The Country's Biggest and Most Effective Food Show!

Aside from a comfortable stay, there's one more thing that I am thankful of Microtel Inn. It's the free pass I got from them to the World Food Expo 2011that was held last August 3-6 at the SMX Convention Center Pasay City.

Who would have thought that the simple leaflet inside Microtel's Shuttle could bring me to this awesome trade and food show!

So last August 5, I dragged my friend and avail of the free pass. Then we roam around to look at the latest kitchen items like pans, plates, wine glasses and utensils that were available on sale. There was also a display of kitchen appliances like ovens, stoves, refrigerators and food processors. We really had a great time imagining having it inside our homes! Such a class!

We were walking aimlessly inside SMX when something caught my attention. An awesome display of beautifully designed cakes on the other side of the expo! So we hurriedly checked it out, and behold! Elegant wedding cakes, plated desserts, and bread and pastries too!

I really had fun looking at those food and silently admired those hands that mold and created those goodness. At the bottom of my heart I was also thinking what kind of cake would fit my dream wedding! Ahhh.. that must be beautiful! Haha. 

There was also ice sculptures that were on display that day and although some of them were already melting when we came, I still love the idea of ice being turned into a work of art. 

A cooking competition dubbed as Philippine Culinary Cup, participated by culinary students and chefs was also held during the World Food Expo. It's really nice to look at how those people work with their kitchen knife and wok. That will surely be a tough competition among them. Just like my brother who had been a cook for so long always say, "nobody beats me in my kitchen!".

There was also a section in the expo where you can buy locally produced items just like this bottled calamansi among other stuffs. There was also an area dedicated for your favorite processed food like hotdogs, tocino, longganisa, embotido.. name it, they surely have it! 

I am really grateful for Microtel Inn being the Official Expo Hotel for this event and giving away a free pass to this kind of event is really a great way to treat their visitors. 

With the success of World Food Expo in terms of exhibitors and visitors, I know that there next year's expo is something we should all watch out for. If you are an HRM student, taking culinary studies, a mom or just plainly curious about the latest thing about food industry you definitely shouldn't miss their next event!

Monday, August 8, 2011

World Food Expo 2011: Culinary Cup Dress the Cake Competition

We went to the World Food Expo 2011 (WOFEX) at SMX Convention Center last Saturday. And being all gaga for sweets, especially cakes, I guess this was my favorite part of the expo. The cake designs were very creative and others were really intricately detailed, some were just elegantly simple.

The cakes looked exceptionally pleasing for the eye that I couldn’t help but wish they’re made for tasting, too. (when I saw a sign saying “wag po nating hawakan o kainin ang mga cake display..” I couldn’t help but mischievously grin.. and sigh.. haha!)

These were some of the entries for 2011 Philippine Culinary Cup, Pastry Category under wedding cakes, and dress-the-cake. The entries which won Gold, Silver and Bronze were really amazing and received the most number of appreciation from the expo visitors.
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