Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10th Spanish Film Festival: Habitacion en Roma

Loving Strangers.. Loving Strangers..
Dang.. I've been singing that line from a song by Russian Red after hearing it played over and over again in the movie Habitacion en Roma (Room in Rome). It's one of the entries in Pelikula: Spanish Film Festival 2011 held in Greenbelt 3 from October 5-16.

Last Saturday, I dragged my friend to go with me in Greenbelt. We arrived at 8pm but Lope, the entry for 9pm screening, was already sold out! So there’s no choice! I had to watch one of the movies included in the Festival or risk ruining my day.

So instead of backing out, we settled for the 12am screening. And when I read the synopsis of the story, I couldn’t help but grin. What do you expect from a LAST full show anyway! J

Yes, maybe you had it right. Habitacion en Roma or Room in Rome is an intense movie about two women who are almost a stranger to each other and the night they spent together inside a room in Rome. It’s a wonderfully woven story behind lies, truth, lust and love.

I was surprised to see the Greenbelt Cinema still full considering it’s already as late as 12am and the film length was almost 2 hours! Nonetheless, I’d like to think that Habitacion en Roma was worth it, after all, it was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actress (Elena Anaya) and Best New Actress (Natasha Yarovenko) in Goya Awards 2011.
(Natasha Yarovenko as Natasha. Photo source here.)

(Elena Anaya as Alba. Photo source here)

Indeed the actresses’ performance was exceptional. They spent almost the whole movie naked with the camera panning over their goddess-like bodies and beautiful faces. It was a two hour film filled with erotic scenes and love making but the drama of slowly uncovering their own souls made the story really heart felt.

The night spent in discovering where the truth and lies, love and lust overlapped was wonderfully unveiled in the movie. And as the dawn came, the two women dealt with their realities, and emotional conflicts wondering if what they have for each other was as strong as what they felt the night before.

I also like the way they made the artwork inside that hotel room as an effective element of the story so it became a cool mix of art, history and relationships. The movie is also set in a picturesque veranda overlooking Rome, such an excellent setting for these strangers.

The movie succeeded in showing the struggles and stages of relationships –from being total strangers to slowly putting your walls down to let that other person inside your life. Although the movie can scandalize many conservatives with sensual scenes between two women, it was able to prove that Love is truly universal and that it can transcend even the greatest barriers such as culture and sexuality.

So days after watching the movie I’m still humming the song Loving Strangers, and I thought, I guess all kinds of love or relationship for that matter, always begin with being strangers. And the rest, as they may, is a history.  Maybe we just all need a room in Rome where we can actually discover our souls and conquer our desires. And maybe that’s all we need to fall in love, again.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogger Manila Celebrates its First Anniversary!

Happy First Anniversary Blogger Manila!
It's really nice to finally meet Mr. Jonel Uy, the man behind Let's Go Sago!, NomNomClub, and of course Blogger Manila. Why not! I've been a reading his blogs and even joined his search for Blogger Apprentice back then, but to no avail. So when I received an invitation for the celebration of Blogger Manila's First Anniversary, I was really thrilled and immediately replied with a big yes. 

The day started with the gathering of Blogger Manila Club members and a brief discussion about Blogging 101. I really enjoyed listening to the exchange of ideas among bloggers and was grateful for the things I learned that day. 

Mr. Jonel Uy, shared his knowledge about advertising in blogs and some ethics that must be applied as on line writers. He also answered some questions from newbie bloggers like me and I was really thankful about it.

At around 4pm, some other blogger friends and supporters of Blogger Manila came in to add up the fun. I really had a great time meeting different people in blogosphere and listening to their stories while enjoying our order-anything at Jollibee (at least til 5pm)!

Mr. Jonel Uy also expressed his appreciation to those who supported him in the Emerging Influential Blog 2011 where Blogger Manila made it to the Top 10. After all his success as a blogger, I really admire his humility and his desire to share his knowledge in this field through Blogger Manila Club.

The excitement built up as we begin the contest and raffle. Good thing I was able to count how many letter there is in "Blogger Manila" so fast that I was able to win the game, plus I also received a gift as a part of the raffle. Thank you very much po! :)

As someone very new in Blogging Community, I am really happy to attend this kind of event. In a world where almost everything is virtual, it is still nice to see the face behind those blogs and share a genuine laugh with them.

Kudos! Blogger Manila! More power to you! :)

(Bloggers and Friends in Blogger Manila's First Anniversary and Thanksgiving in Jollibee Alphaland, October 8, 2011. Photo courtesy of Mr. Jonel Uy, Blogger Manila.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Shoe Must Go on! Marikina City's Sapatos Festival

I was at Marikina City the other week and I saw the posters about this event. I was really excited about this and made a mental note of the event that will be happening from October 3 to November 18! So if you love shoes and are proud of our Filipino-made foot wears, you really shouldn't miss this event!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Domino's Pizza Now Serving Las Piñas City!

Domino’s Pizza is now in Las Piñas City! And being a pizza lover that I am, I surely didn’t miss the chance to join Domino’s Pizza as they welcome their patrons in their grand opening ceremony last Friday, September 30 in SM Center Las Pinas.

            The celebration started with a ribbon cutting ceremony led by Mr. Tong Hong, President and Managing Partner of Domino’s Pizza Philippines and Las Piñas Councilor Hon. Renato P. Dumlao. It was followed by a simple blessing of the new store and their crews.

What I personally like about Domino’s Pizza is their unique taste and creativity in making the variety of their flavors. I was even curious about their Apple Crumble Desert pizza. I wonder how apple combined with their signature cream cheese and streusels would taste along my favorite pizza meal. Another thing about their pizza is that its flavor is not too strong to overwhelm your taste buds but enough for you to indulge yourself with another slice.

            Residents of Las Pinas City can now have a break from their usual pizza hub and enjoy the exciting variety of Domino’s Pizza’s ExtravaganZZa, MeatZZa, Double Decker, Pepperoni Feast, Hawaiian and Domino’s Deluxe flavors. My personal favorite among their variety is the Cheese Mania but will definitely try their exclusive Potato Pizza next time!

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