Friday, April 10, 2009

Angels and Demons: A Review

I have come to anticipate so much about this book since it hit the public long time ago, and it puzzled me how book lover societies and folks came to love this novel— I was puzzled but maybe not until I’ve read it for myself..

Dan Brown, I must say, is a very good writer in his own right. The pace, the way he describe simple to complex things, the way he give twists and turns to his novel, the way he put faith and doubt in mid shift, the way he made people understand about physics, science, and symbology, and the way he put thrill to every turning page of his novel were really a blast.

I can’t seem to put this book down, and after I’ve finished it, I was so happy to have read a piece of Dan Brown.

I still remember the line of Miss Vittoria Vetra, “My mind says I cannot understand God, and my heart says, I was never meant to…”

Amen to that..

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