Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogger Manila Celebrates its First Anniversary!

Happy First Anniversary Blogger Manila!
It's really nice to finally meet Mr. Jonel Uy, the man behind Let's Go Sago!, NomNomClub, and of course Blogger Manila. Why not! I've been a reading his blogs and even joined his search for Blogger Apprentice back then, but to no avail. So when I received an invitation for the celebration of Blogger Manila's First Anniversary, I was really thrilled and immediately replied with a big yes. 

The day started with the gathering of Blogger Manila Club members and a brief discussion about Blogging 101. I really enjoyed listening to the exchange of ideas among bloggers and was grateful for the things I learned that day. 

Mr. Jonel Uy, shared his knowledge about advertising in blogs and some ethics that must be applied as on line writers. He also answered some questions from newbie bloggers like me and I was really thankful about it.

At around 4pm, some other blogger friends and supporters of Blogger Manila came in to add up the fun. I really had a great time meeting different people in blogosphere and listening to their stories while enjoying our order-anything at Jollibee (at least til 5pm)!

Mr. Jonel Uy also expressed his appreciation to those who supported him in the Emerging Influential Blog 2011 where Blogger Manila made it to the Top 10. After all his success as a blogger, I really admire his humility and his desire to share his knowledge in this field through Blogger Manila Club.

The excitement built up as we begin the contest and raffle. Good thing I was able to count how many letter there is in "Blogger Manila" so fast that I was able to win the game, plus I also received a gift as a part of the raffle. Thank you very much po! :)

As someone very new in Blogging Community, I am really happy to attend this kind of event. In a world where almost everything is virtual, it is still nice to see the face behind those blogs and share a genuine laugh with them.

Kudos! Blogger Manila! More power to you! :)

(Bloggers and Friends in Blogger Manila's First Anniversary and Thanksgiving in Jollibee Alphaland, October 8, 2011. Photo courtesy of Mr. Jonel Uy, Blogger Manila.)

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