Saturday, November 6, 2010


I guess being disappointed in small things often hurts as much as disappointments in big things. It's not just about a person being unwilling or incapable of fulfilling promises or simple favors, it's also about the other person feeling unworthy of such favors.

But asking for and doing favors are equally important in building a relationship. It leads us to being someone whom other people can depend on, someone accountable, a man of our word, someone considerate. Asking favor can teach us to trust other people, and helps us to be more understanding when it's not met. It shows how to lower our expectations, and to be grateful when someone delivers.

Even in our work place, it is important to learn to say no when you can't instead of saying "Yes" and back down eventually. I guess we should realize that as a part of a team, or a company, we start building our team work by simply fulfilling our promises or delivering the things we are expected to do in and outside our work place. We all have our limitations, but raising other people's hope only to fail them isn't a good way to earn their confidence and respect. If you can't, say it, it's much better than getting them deliberately disappointed.

Trust is something we earn, and we earn it in both little and big things. So keep your words when you can and try to make up when you can't. I know other people will do the same for you if you will be a good example for them. I guess, "palabra de onor.." is still a filipino virtue, right?

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