Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's a "Me" day! :)

It's Saturday, my favorite day of the week aside from Sunday. While Sunday is a family day, and God's day, we often allocate saturday for our personal gala or bonding with our own group of friends. But since the plan to watch movies with my officemates didn't materialize, I just decided on going solo, as usual. :)

First stop! Sunset by the bay..
I remember the last time I sat down alone on the MOA seaside, it was after my exam and initial interview for SPi, the company where I work right now. After three months, I found myself staring at the sunset again and wondering about so many things, enjoying the view, watching couples and families, barkadas or best friends take their time off while I was there, all alone.

Next! My own piece of heaven!
Back in college, I often spent my time inside a bookstore, specially when the time got too tough and everything was stressing me out. But unlike before, when I only borrow the books I read, this time I decided to buy Eat Pray Love and Have a little faith. Two books I really wanted to read for so long.

One more thing! I also found my brother with his girlfriend inside the bookstore, and I realized how we really are siblings that we both always visit a bookstore when we go to a mall. I wasn't really expecting to see him, especially with his first girlfriend, but seeing him holding hands with her, that really made me smile a lot. :))

Next stop! Naked Juice Bar!
I bought papaya shake at the naked juice bar, but unlike the usual shake which is made with milk and sugar, that one was made of pure papaya and ice but a lot sweeter. It's really refreshing!

The high light! Fireworks while raining.
It's the lighting ceremony for the Firefly's giant christmas tree. Kids wearing a firefly costume, with some light on their butt, performed something while waiting for 7pm. They were pretty cute, but the huge crowd, plus a light drizzle wasn't really helping.
At exactly 7:00pm, the fireworks and the heavy rain started, but instead of leaving, the whole crowd enjoyed the lights and the water pouring out from heaven. I only got my jacket on, and I spread my arms to feel the rain on my face. That was really awesome. :)

Monster Meal at Shakey's..
My other brother was also at Moa with his officemates, so he asked me to join them for dinner. The food was great, at P17oo only, you can have a meal good for 12 people. Not bad. :)

Last stop, Pete's place.
It's a bar with a band performing for the audience's entertainment. The singers were wearing tube dress, showing most of their legs, and their boobs! No wonder a lot of guys were having a good time! But kidding aside, they were a bunch of good singers. And not to mention, funny. :)

The best treat! A good night sleep! :)
After a long day I hit the sack around 1am. A little tipsy from a bottle of light beer and tired from the whole day of having fun. So despite of all the itch on my back because of some allergy in alcoholic drinks, I really had a good sleep. and that was more than a weekend getaway can offer.

So, that ends my "me" day.
I hope you too can have a day for yourself. Yeah, we all deserve a day off. :)

*happy weekend! :)

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