Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Confidence boost! :)

Happy first month team mates! :)
It's been a month of information overload, of trying to pass this training, of making ourselves enjoy the best out of this work.

Thank you for the small, honest and harmless compliments you give me. Maybe you'll think that's nothing, but to have you seated beside me just to spend some of our break time talking about nothing in particular makes me feel so good. Thank you for hearing me out and trying to understand the reasons why I am like this way or the other (specifically, why I'm always late or sleepy! LOL!). Thank you for making the eight hours I spend in our office worthwhile and more enjoyable. Thank you for reminding me not to be like this or like that, thank you because it makes me feel how really care for me and how you accept me just in case I won't change right away. Thank you for hearing me rant about our work and joining me in my wailing then the pressure gets too tough on us. Thank you for making me feel like it's okay to excel because we will support each other all the way to the top, yet I also want to thank you for understanding me when I don't stand a thing and I don't seem to pick up things the way I should.

Thank you guys... :)
I'll be forever thankful to have each and everyone of you..
*huuuugs! :)


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