Friday, October 22, 2010


I guess, I've never appreciated Saturdays and Sundays before more than the way I do after I got hired for my first job. Yeah, I've waited for it like a rain in the middle of the dessert, or Christmas in the middle of June. But why oh why, these two days seem too short that it only feels like a gasp before you take another of life's swift blow at work for the next weekend.

Mondays to Fridays. It's the five longest days of my week. Sometimes I don't even want to know what day it is so I don't really have to long for weekends like a starved kid. But when the time comes that I have to drag my feet to work, and the thought of the weekend suddenly cross my mind, heavens! I suddenly light up like up a newly installed light bulb!

Oh, who wouldn't long for a weekend, those two short days when you can actually chose what to do with your time without even worrying if you're being rightfully paid or if you are doing what you're supposed to do to meet deadlines. It's like finally letting out that deep breath you are unconsciously holding for five long days. It's a reward that is worth more than you're pay slip. It's life. Yes it is.

So continue looking forward for these two days. Plan a vacation, a date, or simple meet ups with friends. Let your long hair lose and dress up. Feel beautiful and stress free for a day. And REST. Yes, don't forget to sleep and eat right to let your body catch up with your heavy work load ahead.

Here! Let's take time to breathe out, and enjoy the simple joys of life this weekend and make it more than a gasp, more than a 48 hour work free day.

Happy weekend everyone! :)

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