Friday, October 15, 2010

Out of the comfort zone...

Today is our fifth day since we came out of our training room to do our live work. Yes, it certainly feels like being a chick pushed out of our nest to fly on our own and once again I realized how cruel this world is.

The training room has been our comfort zone for almost a month. It sheild us away from the scrutinizing eyes of the senior editors and other team leads. In that room, we were allowed to be dumb, to commit mistakes, to ask innocent questions, to laugh like we don't care, to waste our time like we're not being paid, and play around when no one's looking. But now, we're here, out in the open, acting and moving like everyone else. Now, the expectations to perform accurately and with full productivity can almost be felt and seen as thick as a fog. Somehow, it's sickening. Yes, I felt suddenly sick like when you're pushed off the cliff with nothing to hold on to but yourself. Now, I have to stand for myself more than ever. If I have to fall seven times, I'll get up eight times.

This is... GROWING UP.

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