Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mom's Heritage: A Cook Book

I guess this must be one of my mom’s greatest pamana — her favorite cookbook. She bought it way back in 2003 and actually has a lot of folds and creases in its pages. There’s nothing really exceptional about this book, the recipes are mostly common. But I guess this will be a companion in my early years of being the woman of the house. Right now I have a limited knowledge about cooking and i’m really getting tired of cooking adobo, sinigang, nilaga, and tinola. So I wish this can help me have a different food served on our table.
Following recipe from a cookbook or even from the internet is never easy. And you can’t actually get the exact result even when you follow it step by step. I tried to cook sweet and sour pork chop from a recipe I found on line, but the recipe is in my opinion, a little inaccurate. Good thing I was able to salvage the food and somehow turned out to be delicious. Basic kitchen knowledge is still the most important tool in the kitchen.
I don’t dream to become a chef, just probably good enough to serve my family someday. If that’s the case, I know I still have a long long way to go.

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