Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pedring and the out pouring of blessings on my birthday!

It happened not only once, in fact, this year is the third time that this is happening. Just as when my birthday is approaching, the clouds release whatever it has in its vast collection of rain and pour it all down on earth to greet me Happy Birthday! Of course, when this happens there will be no party for me, no merry making, definitely no feast. I guess I'm beginning to get used to celebrating my birthday while praying for all of those people who suffered from a typhoon, Milenyo, Ondoy and now Pedring. Nonetheless, just to look at the bright side of life, let me recall all the events and happenings in this wonderful month of September.

September had been about my dreams and my desire to make them come true. I've started September by quitting my job and by deciding that if I really want to be someone, I must start to establish my dreams as early as now. It wasn't really an easy choice because apparently, I have to celebrate my birthday being broke but I find peace in knowing that this is exactly what my heart wants. Filing my resignation only made me appreciate my officemates like never before and I am so grateful in one whole year of fun I've spent with them.

My birth month won't be completed without traveling, and this time, I visited Intramuros with my travel buddy and enjoyed the adventure Inside and Outside the walls of Manila. I then enjoyed a three day trip to Naga City in Camarines Sur.

This month is also about gaining knowledge and learning the rule of the trade as I went to different workshops and seminars. I was able attend the Virtual Staff Finder Seminar and learned a lot about the opportunity in working at home, then learned about my craft in Feature Writing 101 by Writer's Block Philippines. Just last week I started a four Wednesdays of seminar about Maven Secrets with Anton Diaz and is really looking forward to learn a lot internet marketing and blogging.

Also about blogging, I was able to attend very first bloggers' event with Pinoy Bloggers and covered my first event for OrangeMagazineTV.com. I'm really having a good time learning from different bloggers and improving myself in this field. Long long waaaay to go! But this is really a good start.

September is also a month of celebrations of my friends' birthdays and a month to fulfill my duties to my Godson and Goddaughters who are all celebrating their birthdays this month! Sorry kids, Ninang is MIA for now. haha. :P

This month is also about letting myself be loved by the people around me and trusting God in His plans for my future. Although September is really a great struggle for us in the family, I know that our pains and troubles only make us bonded as a family.

So like all the typhoons that brought me so many floods and rains on my birthday, may all my upcoming years be filled with so much blessings, love and opportunities!

Cheers Everyone! :)

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