Thursday, September 29, 2011

Warrior Premiere Night Experience!

I was assigned to cover the premiere night of Warrior for OrangeMagazineTV in Podium last Monday. And although Pedring was on his way that day, he didn't stop me from having a lot of fun!

Just after I received the assignment, I immediately googled the movie Warrior to have a good background of what it is all about. I often watch guy films with my brothers and it's not hard for me to appreciate a movie about mixed martial arts, but hey! I still need someone to explain to me what's happening inside the ring!

So with my former officemate by my side, we met Mr. Arvin Dimate from SM Cinema and had a small talk with him. He was really nice and even promised me to always invite OrangeMagazine and my fellow bloggers to their events. Nice! :))

It's my first time to watch movie in The Podium and I immediately noticed how their cinema only housed 150 audience and how spacious their alleys and seats are. It was really a place for a wonderful and comfortable movie experience.

Before the start of the premiere night, Global Destiny then gave out gift certificates from Burger King to the audience who were all present despite the typhoon! Unfortunately, ticket number 0078, 006, and 0089 was called but never 0005 and 0079. haha. :)

We went home quite. For the my movie review and synopsis, please check out  visit OrangeMagazineTV and share!

Thank you SM Cinema and OrangeMagazine for the experience! :)

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