Friday, September 30, 2011

The OrangeMagazineTV Re-Launch!

Food, fun, booze and prizes! It's definitely the best way to celebrate OrangeMagazineTV's re-launch at Gweilos, Mall of Asia last weekend!

Aside from the re-launch, it's also the celebration of Sir Jeman's birthday, and as the Editor in Chief of OrangeMagazineTV he surely deserves to have a night just full of fun! So instead of having the usual programme we just spent the whole night partying, eating, and oh well... anticipating our name to be called in the raffle!

What makes this event extra special for me is that, I was invited in this event as an aspiring contributor for this awesome on line magazine. OrangeMagazineTV is gaining popularity as a source of the latest news about concerts, events, movie reviews and celebrity bits, so just imagine how thrilled I was to be a part of that party! Other contributors and people behind OrangeMagazineTV's success were also introduced that night.

OrangeMagazineTV is also a place to find a lot of good stuffs, prizes and freebies! So why not like their Facebook Fan Page and subscribe to their website so you got to know their latest giveaways and promos! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun joining their contests. Please also watch out as OrangeMagazineTV launch their print edition this coming November. 

Of course, some of Sir Jeman's blogger friends was also there to add up to the excitement, and I tell you, these people in the blogosphere really knows how to party!

There were lots of prizes that were given away that night, and no one went home empty handed. In fact, some of us even went home with gift packs from URC, headsets from Philips, bottles of Benmore, CDs and DVDs, my favorite chocolates, a cute stuffed toy of Jollibee and MANY more!

Our taste buds was also spoiled that night as the waiters of Gweilos filled our tables with plate after plate of good food and GSM Blue! Who won't enjoy a party like this anyway!

Before we went home, we also had our pictures taken at the photo booth care of Click in the Box. It's just really crazy how we squeeze ourselves to make our faces fit the frame! Lol!

Simply unforgettable, this night was definitely one of my most wonderful nights as blogger!

So after visiting my blog, please make sure to visit to have a look at the new orange! 

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