Thursday, September 16, 2010

For One More Day

Okay, I finally got a copy of this book, but unfortunately, when I went home, it only took me 30 minutes to finish reading the rest of it. Naaahh.. I’m not that fast-reader, but Mitch Albom’s book hooked me right between the shelves of Powerbooks and when I started reading it, I couldn’t seem to put it down. But since I still got the nerve to stop and buy a copy of it instead of reading it free of charge, here I am, doing this blog. :)

For those who happened to readThe Five People You Meet in Heaven maybe you all know how Mitch Albom could make you wishful, or how he could make you have a closer look at how you spend your everyday life. This time, he did it again. This time, he hit me harder.

Maybe somehow I wanted to be like Chick Benetto, who had the chance to be with his departed Mom even For One More Day. Maybe, it will be a good break from all the screwing up I did since she left. Somehow, as I read through these pages, I can’t help but feel the same nostalgia that Chick felt when he saw his mom — the way she was, the smell of her cooking, the way she prepared the table, the way she made everything simple and sweet. I guess, like him, I’d be willing to embrace the insanity of having my mom back when I perfectly know she’s gone.

But then again, this book reminded me of how much my mother loved me in those short span of time we had together. This book reminded me of her words of wisdom, her comforting presence and strong motivation. It also reminded me the times she stood up for me, and the number of times I failed her. But most of all, it reminded me how motherly love never fails, always understands, is unwavering, and pure, and most of all — irreplaceable.

There are some kinds of love we took for granted while growing up. There are some things we always leave unnoticed. There are some moments that we just slip away never knowing if it would be our last. But I guess, our mother’s love is never one of them. A time with our mom or our family should never be our last priority. Because no matter how we much we wanted to be like Chick, who had the chance to talk to our dearly departed when life gets too tough, in life, there are no second chances, no guarantees, nothing permanent.

At the end, having a one more day with Chick’s Mom didn’t fix his everything. I would be very happy if he happened to get his wife back, or reconciled with his father. But no. He only got to be a loving father again to his daughter, and live another day to tell his story. I guess that’s also how crazy life could be. Sooner or later you will realize all your mistake but it’s too late to start all over again. But God is faithful, He still gives us a life ahead to learn more, and live a better life.

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