Monday, September 20, 2010

The queen is never late, everyone else is just too early..

That is a line from the movie "Princess' diary.." starring the ever beautiful Ann Hathaway. Oh yes, maybe everyone else is just too early, and I am not that late, oh well.. I timed in 13 minutes before our work sched but when I entered the training room, everyone else, including our trainor, was already around. oh, boy.. what's wrong with them? Why are they always early.. or is it just me? :))

I just came in from a weekend getaway in Bicol for the Peñafrancia Festival, and I really had a great time. Although I missed some of the more important activities, I can't be more happy to celebrate with my brothers and sisters and their family, and somehow rediscover the Bicolano tradition and culture.

Happy Fiesta bicolandia! :)

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