Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tax, Politics and being underpaid..

I never thought this word can really sound so bad when you are actually the one working hard to earn your money but then it will suddenly puff out of nowhere. UNDERPAID. Such an awful word.

Actually this god forbidden word surfaced in one of our conversations on our break time, and suddenly it hit me, we are all aware that we are underpaid, and yet why the heck we accepted this job offer! haha. I guess it's about the charming HR who wooed us to this direction, but kidding aside, I guess, we are all just after for the experience since most of us are fresh grads, so here we are! welcome to the world!

In the middle of our discussion about our new job, someone blurted out, "okay na sana mababa ang sahod, wag lang mataas ang tax o masyadong mahal ang mga bilihin.." Of course, the rest of us exhaled our sigh of dismay.. "Asa!" But then again, who won't wish for a lower tax, right? But since we live here in the Philippines, where our taxes cover most of our country's expenses, some of our politician's living allowance, and a little for misaligned projects, of course we have to deal with "kaltax" as our trainor called it..

I guess there is no helping in discussing politics when we talk about salary, being underpaid, and of course, taxes. Our conversation even trailed as far as our presidential bets last May 2010 national election and why or why not PNOY should indeed be our president, or if there's somebody else to fit the position. But since we can do nothing about who won the election last May, I guess we can only work hard, pay our taxes, and pray to God so our politicians will spare our meager contributions for our country.

But I guess paying taxes is somehow a good thing. I actually even smiled at the thought that finally, I dropped in some peso on our "kaban ng bayan..." That those little amount actually marked my being part of the work force of our country, an asset and not anymore a liability..

"Let be your reward, equal to your hard work.." So one day, I hope I'll earn as much as I work hard, although I am perfectly aware that it's almost impossible.


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