Thursday, September 23, 2010

To laugh hard is to risk appealing the fool..

It's just my third week at work but I guess, we're now beginning to risk showing everyone who we really are and how we wanted to be treated in our office. It's like slowly peeling down our defenses, our pretense, just so we can show our genuine self and be loved and respected for who we are.

quoted from my favorite poem, Dare to Take a Risk..

Yes, I laugh hard, I sneeze, I yawn, I talk fast, I grin, and I giggle the way I want to, but I don't mind. I don't care if I would look naive or dumb, but I admit it when I don't know something, share my knowledge when I do, and accept criticism when it's due. In this way, my officemates will begin to personally know me, and love me and hate me but still accept me just the same. I am lucky to have them, to be excited to go to work because I know I will laugh away our working hours or maybe sleep and eat and yawn with them until it's time to flash our badge out of our building.

I'm afraid that I'm once again about to take one of the biggest risks in my life -- to love. But I love them, I love the absurdity of what we are doing, I love the variety of our age, our out of tune music jam, the praising songs when it's break time, and of course I love our brief walk on our way home.

I know these things will change sooner than I wanted, but I just want to relish this realization that indeed, God always surround me with so many awesome people and always use me as His vessel of blessings for those people around me..

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