Thursday, September 23, 2010

SPI Shuttle Bloopers Part 1

This thing happened last week, I don't know what day because I don't even want to remember that embarrassing day, but for the fun of it, let me narrate that first incident of my being late, and the stupidity that followed...

I was literally brisk walking as soon as I got off that stupid jeepney who wanted to get every innocent people standing on the side walk as his passenger. I sighed, that was the very first time I believe I will time in past our schedule. I was furious, so I stommped my way to our company's shuttle..

Then I hold the knob, pulled it, got irritated because it didn't open and nobody from the other side had the kind heart to open it for me. So I tried again, and even pulled harder, then finally! Helluvah! It opened, I looked up to see a man holding the door.. and in my almost dazed state, I heard him say...


So I let go of the door and watched as the man who slapped those words on my face slowly closed the door. Damn.. What was that? Is he joking? It's a white L300 Van! and it's parked where our service shuttle were supposed to be..

Then when I turned around, it hit me...

There was a queue behind me. and they are all wearing this smart casual attire almost the same as I do. Okay.. I got it..

thanks for a wonderful night..

End of the story?
I timed in at around 10:07 because it took me another minute or so before our most awaited shuttle arrived. Lucky..

that was the day I realized...
"if it's late.. it's me.."

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