Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Laid Back Tuesday!

Yes, it's a more laid back day here in the office. (Fortunately) Our trainor is having a meeting with the bosses, i guess, and we, the trainees, got our chance to sneak around and browse the web. Let's talk about a model employee in the making! :))

For the record, I timed in around 9:55 tonight. Can somebody give me a round of applause? haha. I made it just on time, not too early but at least not late. :))

What I also noticed about Tuesday is, of course, the less hassle on the street. It doesn't have the same busstle as Monday and has definitely less traffic jam than a wednesday, Baclaran Day. I know I'm not the only one who watch out for what day it is so you can calculate your travel time depending on how busy the road might be on that particular day. So I guess, if my observation is right, specially around here on our place, Tuesday is definitely THE DAY! :P

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