Friday, September 17, 2010

There is always a first time...

So good.
After I made this blog, the following day, I was late. That was my first time, though.. Tsk. Just to set things straight, I actually made this blog to track down my battle against being late, and that incident yesternight was really not part of it, so please omit. hoho. :)

What made me late?
1. Because my body aches so much.. raaaahh.. I can't believe that a 30 minute badminton game with my brother can give me this much aching especially on my thighs and my right arm. Tsk.. Darn Kuya Zan, he kept me running for the shuttle cock and made me do all the serve. hoho. :)

2. It's raining. Actually it was raining before I went out, but by the time I was out the road were all dried up. haha. Some of my officemates complained of being stuck somewhere because the rain was too heavy. But in my case? No rain. Just some drizzle. I guess that's the advantage of not going out too early.

3. I cooked. I cooked spaghetti for kuya's breakfast, fried tilapia for dinner, and 5 minute cake mug for nothing.

So I was late like 7 minutes, and this night I am really determined to make it up. And! It's Dress down friday so I am really a bit excited. Imagine the hassle of wearing slacks and almost business attire everyday! :)) Oh! Well..

One more thing! tomorrow after office, we will be heading to Naga for the Peñafrancia Festival. Yooohhooo.. Got to be my first time to ride on an airplane. yeeeehaaa.. :)

-remember, if it's late.. it's me. :)

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