Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

My formula for a happy life? It's a long, deep sleep plus a simple I Love You from him when I wake up..

Hoho! :)
Since our trainor announced earlier that we will be having a lengty exam today, I really made sure that I will have enough sleep, so I slept for like 8 hours not even minding the hard rain pouring on our roof. But I guess what made me really happy was the news I got when I checked my mail. weeeehh.. Finally, the wait will be over! :)

Also today, ETC showed the first episode of Glee with our very own Charice Pempenco.. I almost literally pushed myself out of our home, just so I won't be tempted to sit and watch the whole episode! haha. Too bad, I didn't catch our own star in her debut in the most popular series in the US nowadays. But there's youtube anyway, or maybe my brothers will once again download the whole series someday, so no worries. :))

happy wednesday!

*end note*

I timed in at exactly 9:54, a minute earlier than yesterday!
yehey! :))

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